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Applying BIORESTOR® to every new road, is an effective method of preserving the life of the road.

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If the condition of the roads in your region has deteriorated drastically, it may have happened because of excessive traffic on the road and poor asphalt maintenance. Allow the experts at Asphalt Systems Ohio, Inc to provide you with top-notch asphalt preservation.


Oxidation is also one of the major reasons behind the breakdown of asphalt and poor quality roads. We use a uniquely formulated sealant and preservation agent that helps to reverse the oxidation process and strengthen the roads.

Effective asphalt preservation for long-lasting roads

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There are three major reasons that have led to the continuous deterioration of roads in our state. While excessive traffic has taken a toll on our roads, poor quality asphalt and oxidation have reduced the binding capacity of asphalt.


Excessive traffic:

According to state statistics, there has been an 80% rise in the vehicle miles traveled and a 40% increase in the number of registered vehicles on the roads since 1980. However, in this long period, our total number of lane miles has only increased by 4%.


Excessive traffic has led to a heavy burden on our roads, leading to the continuous breakdown of the pavement. Poor quality asphalt is the second major reason leading to uneven roads.


Poor quality asphalt:

Nowadays, asphalt does not have the right proportion of resins and oils that can make it a flexible binder. The asphalt in our roads is merely the glue that holds the rocks together, the more they refine from asphalt, the poorer the glue, the poorer the road.


The kind of asphalt we use today loses its binding capacity easily, and cracks appear on the roads within 6 months or a year. We're continuously rebuilding and repairing our roads with an asphalt of lower quality that is getting expensive every year.



It is important to accept the fact that the asphalt binder we use today is of a much poorer quality as compared to what we used in the past. With new refining processes, asphalt is losing resins, which makes it more susceptible to oxidation from the weather.


Oxidation happens when oxygen, in the air and water, chemically attacks the asphalt binder, causing it to break down. Ultra-violet rays from the sun cause further breakdowns of asphalt making it brittle.


In some areas, the freeze-thaw cycles associated with winter and spring literally tear asphalt pavements apart from the inside out. As much as 60% of the life of asphalt pavements is lost in the first 2 years due to oxidation.

Our family owned and operated company has been in the asphalt preservation and maintenance business since 1996. There are 4 ways in which we can help preserve asphalt for better roads in your region.


Reverse oxidation

BIORESTOR® is a uniquely formulated sealant and preservation agent that is made of 100% biodegradable agricultural oils. It is designed to reverse the oxidation process of the pavement and to give the pavement surface a more impermeable layer to prevent further oxidation.


Moisture permeability is the principal cause of potholes and ultimate pavement deterioration. The sealant and preservation agent's chemistry penetrates into the asphalt matrix, reducing the moisture penetration.


The all-natural oils present help reverse asphalt oxidation in older asphalt pavements and prevent oxidation from occurring on new pavements.


Improved impermeability

All asphalt mixes for parking lots, city streets, county roads, airport runways, airport taxiways and airport parking aprons will be given improved impermeability. We will also use the same for the pavements where oxidation forces have started to deteriorate it and improve them.


As the sealant and preservation agent is in a concentrated form, it is applied very lightly with specially designed spray equipment.


Re-stripping not required

The sealant and preservation agent provides a seal without harming pavement stripping. Hence, re-stripping is not required. It dries at the surface to allow traffic back on the pavement in less than 30 minutes.


Meanwhile, it continues to work within the asphalt below for several weeks until the entire restorative process is complete.


Laboratory tested

BIORESTOR® has been laboratory tested and proven to reduce the effects of oxidation and age-hardening of asphalt binders resulting in the extended life of the pavement. The results that were noticed are as follows:

  • 29% improved penetration value of the treated binder

  • 45% improved viscosity value of the treated binder

  • 17% improved Marshal stability value of compacted mix

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