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Applying BIORESTOR® to every new road, is an effective method of preserving the life of the road.

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Rely on the experts at Asphalt Systems Ohio, Inc to take care of your asphalt maintenance needs. We can provide you with complete asphalt rejuvenation services for a variety of pavements. Get in touch with us today for a FREE estimate on our asphalt services!


Download our MSDS Emulsified Asphalt Rejuvenator document for more information. Depend on us to help you add value to your residential or commercial property by improving the quality of asphalt used for your driveway, parking lots, roads, and more.

Ultimate asphalt rejuvenation services

Let us help you restore your asphalt

  • Residential bike paths

  • Runways

  • Highways

  • Roads

  • Parking lots

Add value to your property with the help of high-quality asphalt

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